Borax Miners



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Our Supporters

Click link to see photos of Lockout Day One

Hundreds marched 1.5 miles to the company
gate with a banner reading Borax, don't be a Scrooge

President Dave Liebengood speaking with
reporters from the Los Angeles Times and Antelope Valley Press

Boron pastor Darryl Nichols

Boron High School math teacher and Mormon Bishop Brady Martz

Business leader F.O. Roe has lived in Boron for 52 years. He joined other business leaders who supported us.

Like many others Tyler and Kayla Martz brought their family along to celebrate "Unity With Our Community."

Auxiliary leader Judy Rowley

This was a community event that united families across the high desert

Everyone gathered at the company gate where we delivered
a Christmas card, held a candlelight vigil and prayed for justice

After a brief prayer, we delivered the Christmas card to
the company signed by hundreds of community members

Our Negotiating Team

Dave standing behind the CAT team

Rite Aid worker Lorena Ortiz at rally

Jack at the megaphone