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This website is organized by members of the ILWU Local 30 (and their families) who work at the US Borax/Rio Tinto mine in Boron, where we operate the largest open-pit mine in California and process borates that are used around the world to make glass, preserve wood, fight fires, fertilize plants, and a host of other products. Our goal is to keep everyone - including our customers - informed about our efforts to secure good jobs and protect the communities where we live, which include Boron, Tehachapi, Lancaster, Bakersfield, California City, Mojave, North Edwards, Rosamond, Adelanto, Victorville, just to name a few.

UPDATE FEBRUARY 2012 Rio Tinto is doing the same thing in Canada, here is the AFLCIO action flyer click here to read it!

Workers finally returning to U.S. Borax for first shift, May 24, 2010ILWU Local 30 arrive for work

The picture of the scab vans below tells the story...Scab vans leaving U.S. Borax

We would like to thank all who stood by us, supported us, worked hard for us, rallied, donated, communicated, displayed signs, volunteered, sacrificed, and showed that they care. It was very comforting and uplifting to know we were not alone.

Click Here For Press Release May 14, 2010

Vote results: 275 yes; 95 no ...and a new struggle begins.

We made the Australian news with the rally in London, click here for news story

Wow, what a production they had for us in Australia! Thanks for the support, you guys are awesome!

L.A. Federation of Labor/Dodgers radio ad here.

Media advisory for radio ad: here.

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I'd like to give a shout out to my old schoolmate Robert who lost his crew in the Tesoro Refinery incident in April. Visit their facebook page to see how things are going here

We want to thank all the people that came out to support us we won't forget!!

Families getting ready to march and tell Rio Tinto "We want to work!"

800 people from around the world and from the local comunity march to Rio Tinto's gates.

ILWU Locked Out

Rio Tinto locked-out almost 600 from our jobs at the Borax mine and processing plant on Sunday morning, January 31, 2010 at 7am. Hundreds of us showed-up Sunday morning to make a powerful statement by appearing with our families at the gate, wearing our work clothes, carrying lunchboxes in one hand and American flags in the other. We marched up to the gate, proud and determined.

When we got there, we told the company: "We're here to work; we have families and communities that depend on us, so open the gate and let us go to work. The company officials didn't know how to respond and just slinked away. The TV cameras and newspaper reporters watched the drama unfold, and then interviewed many of us who work at the mine, along with family members and community supporters for more than two hours. When we finished, we went to our union hall where we signed-up to join committees that will help us get through the hard times ahead – and let everyone know what Rio Tinto is doing to destroy good jobs and communities in our high-desert home.

On Saturday, the day before Rio Tinto locked us out; we held an open union meeting that was attended by 500 workers. Almost everyone who wasn’t at work was there. We spent hours going over the company’s demands in detail. We asked questions and looked at it carefully, but when we were done, every single person in the room agreed to reject the company’s demands.

While Rio Tinto has shown that they don’t care for us and our communities, we’re more determined than ever to stand up and see this thing through. Too many people in America are losing good jobs and working harder, while big companies make billions and don’t play by the rules. That’s why we’re taking a stand in Boron, not just for ourselves and our communities, but for everyone in America who’s fed up with corporate greed and a system that doesn’t protect hard-working families.

Our families and community leaders joined us as we marched to tell Borax, "We want to work!"

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Solidarity letter from Maritime Union of New Zealand

Letter to Chris Robison, dated March 31, 2010

Press Release March 5, 2010

Letter to Chris Robison, dated March 9, 2010

International solidarity with locked out ILWU miners.

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Original contract proposal we refused to sign
New contract

Here are just 10 examples of what the company's first offer would do to us.

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